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Baby Teeth Are Important!

Dental disease is the most common chronic disease of early childhood. Cavities and decay in baby teeth can also spread to permanent teeth, causing painful and costly damage.

But you can prevent this! Regular preventive care and a healthy diet can help prevent decay. Remember to schedule your child for an oral health screening by her first birthday.

Healthy baby teeth:

  • Allow your child to chew and eat properly.
  • Help your child speak clearly.
  • Shape your baby's face.
  • Guide adult teeth into place.

Dental decay in baby teeth affects your child's overall health.

  • Cavities can be painful.
  • Cavities can interfere with your child's ability to eat well.
  • Dental disease can affect your child's overall health and development.


"Oral health is an important part of overall health, and good oral health starts with baby teeth. If your baby's mouth isn't healthy, then your baby is not going to be healthy."

Dr. Russell Maier
Family physician, University of Washington professor, and Washington Dental Service Foundation Board Member