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Permanent Teeth

Losing baby teeth is a major milestone in the life of a child … and parent. Your Baby Is Growing Up!

Most children have all their baby teeth—20 in all—around the age of 3 and begin to lose them around age 6. Children will typically lose their last baby teeth at about age 12.

As the baby teeth go, permanent teeth begin to come in.

Preventing Cavities in Baby Teeth is Important

Healthy baby teeth help guide permanent teeth into place.

Cavities in baby teeth can quickly spread to permanent teeth—another reason to take care of baby teeth.


“’I can do it!’ was my daughter’s favorite phrase. And she usually could. But flossing and brushing well can be hard no matter how old you are. So even though she is 7 I still help her and will until she is 10. When she’s an adult, she’ll thank me for her healthy smile.”

Stacie, Yakima, Wa