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For Providers

These resources are useful for primary care providers performing oral health services.

Providing Oral Health Services

3 Simple Steps Guide to Delivering Oral Health Services During Well-Child Visits

Brief one page overview of the oral health screening/risk assessment, application of fluoride varnish, anticipatory guidance how to’s (“Cliffs Notes”).

Fluoride Varnish Application Guide

Step by step guide to fluoride varnish application (from supplies needed to parent/caregiver follow-up information).

Primary Care Office Guide to Pediatric Oral Health

This laminated booklet is sized to fit in a coat pocket. It can be used in the exam room to prompt providers how to conduct the risk assessment and when to make dental referrals. It also includes oral health tips and photos of dental disease (from white spots to severe decay) to use as a teaching tool with patients.

Baby Teeth Fact Sheet

Provider or parent/caregiver handout outlining key facts about children's dental disease.

Oral Health Screening Video

Video discussing and demonstrating oral health screening.

Fluoride Varnish Application Video

Video discussing and demonstrating fluoride varnish application.

Dental Clinic Access Program List

Resource document. Community Dental Clinic and Access Programs in Washington for children and adults.

Additional Resources

Delivering Preventive Oral Health Services In Pediatric Primary Care: A Case Study

by Dianne Riter, Russell Maier, and David C. Grossman. Health Affairs 27, no. 6 (2008): 1728-1732; 10.1377/hlthaff.27.6.1728].

Physicians Can Help Prevent Children's Dental Disease

Russell Maier, MD. Washington Family Physician.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Fluoride Recommendations

Guideline for practitioners and parents/caregivers to make decisions concerning appropriate use of fluoride as part of the comprehensive oral health care for young people.

Special Needs Fact Sheets from the University of Washington

Fact sheets for mild to moderate manifestations of a number of special needs conditions.

Smiles for Life Website

A comprehensive oral health curriculum designed for primary care clinicians to address oral health for all age groups including children, adults, and geriatrics. Modules also on pregnancy and emergency oral care. Developed by the Society of Teachers in Family Medicine (STFM) Group on Oral Health.